My name is Kristina, I'm a designer and photographer. 

Art is the golden thread that runs through my life from school of art to University.


I studied at Saint Petersburg State University of Film and Television for 6 years and got a degree in Animation and computer graphics.I got to thinking about my profession seriously only by the 4th year of university as before I was completely consumed by campus life with little time available for the study itself.


Also I completed the training in Render.ru where I was enrolled in more than one field at the same time, such as graphics tablets and interior visualization with a program 3DMAX. The training was quite useful as it emboldened and inspired me to find my own creative path and believe in myself.


After graduation, I worked as a web designer for about 5 years and created more than 100 sites during this time.

I was a freelancer and worked in the office for 3 years.I resigned from my position in 2013 and decided to make my dreams a reality. I started studying at the photo academy and it was the moment when my path in stock photos began. The photography is still a part of me as this is the activity I draw new ideas, inspiration and beauty from. 


At the moment I'm only engaged in my own projects as I found my calling and personal fulfillment here.

In my creative products I reflect a vision of what inspires me and guides me on the path of endless creativity.


Moreover, I'm fascinated by the novelty of knowledge, and I truly love and try new ways of self-expression. All this you can see in my latest works and creative products.


And I truly hope they will inspire you as well!


I develop creative products for social networks, fonts, textures, original brushes for Photoshop and graphic designs resource


xx, Kristina













2010 - 2014 

Web designer Interzet Company Sait - Petersburg



Creative Designer brand Kristina & Co



Ambassador Canva Creators Canva

Founder Luna presets Appstore

Kristina & Co – Digital Design