How it works?




Install the Adobe Lightroom application
From the App Store, it is completely free.

Install Adobe Lightroom



Choose the preset in the Luna application
And click the Open / Get button.
Next in the window that appears
Select the Lightroom application.



Если вы не нашли приложение Lightroom

 в списке приложений, прокрутите список 
приложений в конец и нажмите кнопку «Еще».



If you did not find the Lightroom application
In the list of applications, scroll through the list
Applications to the end and click the "More" button.

  1. On the copied preset displays the inscription DNG.

  2. 4

  1. After that click on the photo
    With the inscription DNG and in the upper
  2. right corner Click on the three-point icon and in
    The window that appears, select "Copy Settings"


Mark all points other than "Tools", "Optics",
"Geometry" then press the tick in the upper right corner.


On the screen that appears in the right
lower corner Click on the button "Add photo".

Load your picture from the phone gallery
To which you want to apply the preset.




After downloading your photo, again press the three-point icon in the upper right corner, and select "Insert Settings"



Enjoy your new preset

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